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LED Spots Illuminating Fence Posts

The most dramatic thing you can do to your outdoor spaces is to light them. Even a plain garden can be transformed into a stunning, elegant night-time space with the aid of LED lighting. Whether it's a simple, single LED spot light to a full computerised system with ethernet connectivity and mobile apps we have the solution for you.

Garden lights are either monochrome, ie single colour, or RGBW. RGBW lights comprise white, red, green and blue LEDs and, much like a pixel on a TV screen, mix the primary colours to make the final colour. RGBW lights require some form of controller to set the colour, whereas monochrome lights can be used standalone if required. With a DMX interface, all of our lights are compatible with home automation systems such as Mode, Lutron, Crestron, and with a zigbee interface compatible with smart lighting systems such as Philips HUE and OSRAM lightify. Please contact us for details.

NEW FOR SPRING 2018 - The Pastel Range!

pastel colours now available

As we were frequently asked for special colours we decided to develop a range of secondary colour and pastel colour LEDs. Now, colours such as pink, mint and purple are available at the click of a button! Available on both Stoneleigh and GS75 lights the range of colours available has never been wider. AVAILABLE NOW.

To make selection easier we've put some great kits together that represent our biggest selling and most loved poducts.


phone app

All kits can be upgraded to on/off control via a wifi interface and app. The interface can also be controlled by Alexa via the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Please note that the wifi interface must be in range of the wifi signal.

Stoneleigh Pastel LED Kits

Osram Oslon LEDs uplighting trees

pastel colour samples



A unique range of pastel and secondary colour LED spotlights. Using premium quality components and LEDs these lights will add subtle grace to any environment for many years to come.

The Osram/CREE LEDs are solidly bolted to the aluminium body for ultimate heatsinking. The CNC machined body is silver anodised for extreme weather protection, and the whole light is assembled in the UK.

To gauge the effect of the lights we shone them onto a logstore, the results are on the left.

The kit is supplied with three lights, a 700mA driver for connection to the mains, and three 'T' boxes for easy connection.

Our Price £149.00 + VAT (£178.80 inc VAT)

stoneleigh datasheet Stoneleigh Datasheet

LED Colours

Add-On Pastel Lights

add-on stoneleigh spotlight




Expand your lighting scheme with additional lights from the pastels range. Please note that a driver will run 3 lights maximum.

Our Price £52.95 + VAT

Additiona Drivers
LED Colours

LED Spike Light Kits

(Primary Colours and Whites, no dimming, no control)

garden spike lights

OSRAM colours

colours available

A kit of three premium quality, strikingly bright miniature 3W LED spike spotlights. Only 8cm long, these lights throw out bright, vivid whites or primary colours that will bring any garden to life.

The premium Stoneleigh light is CNC machined in the UK from solid aluminium and is anodised in silver.

The LEDs are manufactured by OSRAM and are solidly bolted to the body for excellent heat dissipation, cool running and long like. Each light is 100% electrically and leak tested after assembly.

To gauge the actual colour achieved we photographed the lights shining on a logstore, the actual results are shown on the left.

The kit is available in all the colours shown, or a mixture of colours. The kit can be expanded upto 15 lights by purchasing extra lights below.

Our Price £149.00 + VAT (£178.80 inc VAT)

datasheetStoneleigh Datasheet

LED Colours
Add-on Stoneleigh

Expand your kit upto 15 lights with add-on fittings. Choose from warm white, cool white red, amber, green or blue.

Each light is fitted with a 2 core 3m tough rubber sheathed cable.

LED Colours

Sequencing Light Kit

(Each light individually controllable, Standalone controller)

Video showing a slow sequence setting (5 lights)

contents of sequencing kit


Quite simply the most innovative lighting kit available. The combination of a unique controller, five excellently engineered RGBW spotlights and some great DMX technology leads to this unique garden lighting kit. It's the first garden lighting kit to offer colour sweeps and colour fades, from the first light to the last. There's also a random mode, ice and fire modes, and the kit is infinitely expandable. An added bonus is that it's all designed and manufactured in the UK.

The controller offers the following modes:

  • Static. Press this button for solid colours including promary, secondary, white and pastels
  • Flow. This injects a colour string into one end of the light chain and gently merges it along.
  • Sequence. See the video on the left
  • Fire. A glowing red and orange palette
  • Ice. Twinkling ice white and blue
  • Colour Change
  • Snap. Rapid sequencing without fade
  • Random. A mixture of effects
  • Speed +/-

The controller also has an optional DMX input. When active DMX is detected the controller decodes it and sends it to the lights, automatically. You can choose a DMX controller from here. If you prefer the controller to be in the house and wiring is difficult you can use a wireless DMX link. There is also the option of an ethernet add-on, although please make sure your wi-fi signal is strong enough in the garden - a common oversight.

The sequencing kit contains:

  • 4 x Cromatix Stoneleigh RGBW Spotlights
  • 1 x Cromatix Sequencing Controller
  • 1 x 60W Sunpower Power Supply
  • 4 x Waterproof Boxes c/w interface PCBs

datasheetSequencing Controller Datasheet

datsheet GS75Stoneleigh

The kit is covered by a five year warranty.


Our Price £299.00 + VAT

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add on light Add-On Stoneleigh Spotlight with DMX interface. The sequencing controller outputs data to support 30 lights, but the power supply in the kit will only support six lights in total. Please contact us at sales with a description of your project and we will put a kit together for you.

Our Price £69.00 + VAT

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Optional WiFi Interface


phone app

This easy to use WiFi interface allows on/off control of any of our lights via app or Amazon Alexa. It simply sits before the 700mA driver.

Please note that the interface must be within the WiFi range.

Our Price £7.99 + VAT

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