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SPI LED Products

SPI or 'serial peripheral interface' is the latest development in LED control technology. LED products equipped with SPI are individually controllable for brightness, and for RGB lights, colour. This allows complete flexibility when lighting a room or outdoor space.

SPI LED Lights require connection to a DMX controller and are available as downlights, floor lights, garden lights and flexible strip lights. When installed in a pattern or matrix and with an appropriate controller, SPI LED striplights can display moving text or even low resolution video.

SPI LED Lights can be programmed with static colours, colour changes and chase patterns. In the video below, the client required bright white lighting for his swimming pool, but also required them to be controlled by a sound processor when having parties. The program also included constellations and twinkling star effects.



The SPI downlights are also available in RGB, ie colour programmable. Stevie Thompson, an approved installer of our products built this slate wall and programmed some chase effects for a client using NS80SPI Downlighters. Stevie can be contacted at His video is here:



A SPI LED kit is formed of a controller, a DMX to SPI interface, driver, connecting cables and hardware, and finally the lights. The table below specifies the controller, type and number of lights. The lights are supplied with the apppropriately sized driver and each kit is supplied with all cabling and, in the case of outdoor lights, waterproof boxes. So, to order a full kit, both controller and lights have to be purchased.


Controller Image Description Purchase Price

DE3 Controller

Our flagship controller from French lighting innovators Nicolaudie. In addition to a beautiful glass touch screen there is an optional built-in ethernet connection for seamless integration with a range of andriod and ios apps. Multi-room installations are easily programmed due to the multi-zone capability. This is the essential controller where large numbers of channels are employed, for instance where SPI LED tape is used in a matrix. The controller features:

  • Standalone Touch Screen Controller
  • Upto 1024 DMX Channels
  • State-of-the-art design and technology
  • Built-in Ethernet connection
  • USB Connection for easy programming
  • Integrated clock and calendar
  • Can display low res video and text on LED pixel matrix
  • Stores 500 scenes across 10 zones
  • Available in black or white
  • Supplied with DMX-SPI gateway, LED Driver and Cabling (lights ordered below)


Our Price £839.00

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GU2 Controller

Another excellent offering from Nicolaudie, the GU2 offers 128 DMX channels, so is capable of independently controlling 42 RGB LED SPI garden lights or downlights. The GU2 is programmed via USB by the 'easy stand alone' program (see download below). The GU2 features:

  • 128 DMX Channels
  • USB Connection for easy programming
  • Available in black or white
  • Supplied with DMX-SPI gateway, LED Driver and Cabling (lights ordered below)


Our Price £399.00

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Light Fitting Image Description Purchase Price

GS75 garden spot


Probably one of the best engineered garden lights available, the Cromatix GS75 couples class-leading Epistar LEDs and precision optics into a highly weatherproof enclosure.

The 9W RGB LED array gives strong, vibrant colours that work equally well in traditional or contemporary gardens.

The UK made GS75 features:

  • Heavily anodised aluminium body for long term protection
  • LEDs bonded to substrate for excellent heat sinking
  • Built-in protection circuit protects the LEDs against thermal overload in warm environments.
  • Supplied singly with SPI Driver PCB and waterproof box

Our Price £119.00

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NS110 downlight

A beautifully machined 9W RGB SPI Downlight. Available in silver aluminium or white, this downlight has a quality look and feel and is perfect for adding strong coloured light into bars, lobbies, clubs or home cinemas. Its IP54 rating even allows installation into a bathroom.

  • 45 Degree beam for wide dispersion of colour
  • Anodised finish for protection in humid environments
  • 9W Edison LED array
  • Supplied singly

Our Price £71.00

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NS80 RGB Downlight

The NS80 is our best-selling RGB downlight with over 10,000 sold and less than 0.2% warranty returns in ten years. The light is great value too with extrusions sourced from China, LEDs from Taiwan and assembly done in the UK. The NS80 features:

  • Class-Leading 9W Epistar LED Array
  • Precision 25 degree optics
  • Available in white as standard
  • Can be powder coated in any BS or RAL colour (additional charge applies)
  • Supplied singly

Our Price £56.00

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LPD6803 LED Strip

LPD6803 LED RGB striplight is ideal for creating colour gradients, swirls or patterns. As the LEDs are grouped in threes, there are 10 zones per metre, or 30 DMX channels. Please note that the Nicolaudie GU2 controller will run 4.2m of tape, and the DE3 controller will run 34.1m without repeat. LPD6803 LED tape features:

  • 30 LEDs/m
  • Premium quality Epistar LED
  • LEDs controlled in groups of three
  • 7.2W/m
  • 12v operation
  • Supplied per metre (lengths over 5m are supplied separately)

Our Price £18.00/m

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WS2812 LED Strip

WS2812 LED RGB striplight has each LED individually controlled, so with 30 LEDs/m there are 30 individual pixels per metre, or 90 DMX channels. This is the ideal LED strip to use when creating arrays to display 2D patterns, text or low-res video. Please note that with 1024 DMX channels the Nicolaudie DE3 controller will run 11.35m of this tape without repeating. WS2812 LED tape features:

  • 30 LEDs/m
  • Premium quality WorldSemi LED
  • Each LED individually controlled
  • 7.2W/m
  • 5v operation
  • Supplied per metre (lengths over 5m are supplied separately)

Our Price £18.00/m

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