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USB Programmable DMX Driver

Ideal for the smaller install, this twelve channel programmable DMX driver removes the need for separate controller and individual DMX decoders. With the on/off and scene advance functions achieved by a simple retractive switch, it gives a simple, easy-to-use interface that is impossible to confuse - ideal for where multiple staff are in charge of the lighting scenes.


48 pixel DMX driver


Easy Stand-Alone Software

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The DMX player is programmed by either a PC or Android device. The Easy-Standalone (ESA) software is incredibly easy to use but capable of stunning light effects. Along with static control of colour and brightness, there are programmable fade and dwell times.

Key Features

  • Integrates a sophisticated programmable DMX controller, decoder and PWM driver all-in-one
  • Scenes are programmed via USB
  • 12 PWM output channels for direct connection to 12/24V LEDs
  • Scenes are indexed via a retractive switch or relay contact
  • Built-in supervisory chip monitors voltage, current and temperature and performs soft shutdown in the event of overload
  • Two further dry contact ports can trigger pre-defined scenes (for a small additional cost)
  • Convenient DIN rail mounting
  • Status LEDs that indicate: USB Active, Over-temperature, Over-voltage


Q & A
Can I mix RGB striplights with RGBW downlights?
Yes. When programming the unit, simply drag an RGB device and an RGBW device in the setup tab. You can then program the colours accordingly.
How many zones of RGB will this product support?
Four zones of RGB. By using extra decoders and unlocking extra channels (at extra cost) this can be expanded further.
Does the unit come pre-programmed?
Yes, it assumes 4 RGB channels and has all primary and secondary colours programmed as well as a couple of colour-change programmes.
Does the unit come with retractive switches, and what finish are they?
No. We can supply the retractive switches and they come in white, stainless steel, polished chrome, brushed chrome and black nickel. We will shortly be adding these to our website.
My customer wants to control his lights via an app, as well as a wall switch. Can he do this?
Yes. With a suitable ethernet to DMX converter, simply connect this to the DMX input. Its internal routing technology will determine which is the active control device.
Do you offer a programming service?

Yes. Simply email your requirements to Richard and he will be happy to quote.


Our Price £120.00 + VAT

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datasheet Programmable DMX Player Datasheet

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ESA Beta ManualESA Beta Manual